Riverview Health Play Area

Riverview Health Play Area

Take a break from shopping and let your little one enjoy some fun at the Riverview Health Play Area.

The Riverview Health Play Area is located behind Kona Grill and Mitchell's Fish Market. Open to all children under 12.



  1. Use The Riverview Health Play Area at your own risk. Clay Terrace is not responsible for any injury or lost or stolen items.
  2. This is an unsupervised area. Adults must stay with and supervise children at all times.
  3. This play equipments is for use ONLY by children under 42 inches in height.
  4. No adults allowed on equipment.
  5. No running or jumping in the Play Area.
  6. No food or drinks in the Play Area.
  7. No climbing on surfaces that are 40 inches or more in height.
  8. Play Area open during mall hours only.
  9. Use of this Play Area indicated agreement and requires compliance with these Rules.