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Medical Assistant

Jobs Description

Customer Service
Maintain high standards of customer service at all times; set an example for the team and go above and beyond to deliver a great experience to every patient.

Patient Education
Follow 4Ever Young procedures for rooming patients.

Meet with patients prior to them meeting the provider, and give them a brief overview of what to expect from their visit and their service. Answer any questions they might have, and serve as a warm, friendly, reassuring and energetic presence.

Stay up to date on all 4Ever Young products and services so you can answer patient questions. Educate yourself using 4Ever Young training materials and through talking with medical staff.

Follow 4Ever Young patient education procedures to interview patients and identify products or services that might appeal to them. Serve as a brand ambassador; find products and services you love and tell patients about them!

Protect patient privacy; follow HIPAA and medical compliance guidelines as appropriate to your role. This includes handling of patient forms and medical records as well as using your judgment to offer patients private space for questions if needed.

Provider Support
Follow medical compliance protocols at all times; do not diagnose patients, do not suggest treatment plans or programs, and do not make recommendations regarding prescriptions at any time.

Assist provider with charting, patient interviews, performing pre-physicals, phlebotomy,
preparing products, calling prescriptions in to pharmacies, and in any other way they might request. Allowable duties vary by jurisdiction; you are responsible to know the rules in your state and follow them at all times. Maintain your MA certification in good standing throughout your employment at 4Ever Young.

Take client before/after photos for all aesthetic services.

Daily Operations
Keep treatment rooms, IV lounge, and medicine room to 4Ever Young brand standards at all times, including cleanliness, scent, music, lighting, and stocking of products and marketing materials.

Assist as needed with ordering/stocking office supplies, medical supplies, IV vitamins, etc. 

Cover the front desk as needed; be prepared to answer the phone and check patients in and out using 4Ever Young proper procedures.

Additional Duties

 Perform other duties as requested. Be a strong team player with a positive attitude, and do what needs to be done without being asked.

Areas of Responsibility

As described above. 

How to Apply

Email Jim Fisher with resume: jfisher@4everyoungclayterrace.com