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Front Desk

Jobs Description

Customer Service
Maintain high standards of customer service at all times; set an example for the team and go above and beyond to deliver a great experience to every patient.

Front Desk
Greet every patient with genuine warmth and great energy; offer refreshments; make them glad they decided to come to 4Ever Young.

Follow 4Ever Young procedures for checking patients in and out. Maintain accurate and
complete patient information, including all appropriate consent forms, for all patients.

Keep the front lobby/waiting area of your center to 4Ever Young standards at all times, including cleanliness, scent, music, lighting, and stocking of products and marketing materials.

Protect patient privacy; follow HIPAA and medical compliance guidelines as appropriate to your role. This includes handling of patient forms and medical records as well as using your judgment to offer patients private space for questions if needed.

Answer the phone using 4Ever Young phone procedures; make a plan for phone coverage if you must be away from the desk.

Learn 4Ever Young credentialing information for your center; familiarize yourself with basic information about all products and services so you can answer questions.

Be an enthusiastic ambassador for our products and services – find what you love and share your experience with patients!

Inform patients of promotions, discounts, and membership programs that may save them money or be a great fit for them. Be prepared to talk about the benefits of the membership program. Proactively offer to add patients to our mailing list or send them info about upcoming promotions.

Follow up on new leads as required; meet weekly and monthly goals for lead conversion and scheduling appointments.

Daily Operations
Assist as needed with ordering/stocking office supplies, medical supplies, or other center materials.

Assist as requested with community events or center events/promotions. Track details and guests, order supplies, coordinate with vendors, staff the event, and/or assist in any other

Additional Duties

Perform other duties as requested. Be a strong team player with a positive attitude, and do what needs to be done without being asked.

Areas of Responsibility

As described above. 

How to Apply

Email Jim Fisher with Resume: jfisher@4everyoungclayterrace.com