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Center Manager

Jobs Description

Customer Service
Maintain high standards of customer service at all times; set an example for the team and go above and beyond to deliver a great experience to every patient.

Team Management
Manage the weekly schedule to make sure there is adequate staffing coverage at all times, including during vacations, illness, or other cases where employees are absent.

Post ads, review resumes, interview candidates, and oversee hiring process for new employees

Oversee team training to ensure all team members are appropriately trained and certified in all key areas at all times. Ensure new employees are fully certified within 15 days of hire.

Proactively manage employee issues and concerns, promote a positive, team-first atmosphere and help make 4Ever Young a great place to work.

Enforce employee guidelines and 4Ever Young compliance standards at all times, with all team members.

Be a team player; help without being asked, pitch in wherever you can; do what needs to be done.

Meet weekly center sales and appointment goals; motivate & incentivize team to hit targets 

Serve as a community ambassador for 4Ever Young – call on local businesses, attend events, promote the business wearing 4Ever Young apparel, etc as opportunities arise.

Maintain a sales mindset at all times, and represent the brand effectively and responsibly any time you’re on the clock or wearing the gear.

Role play team members regularly to ensure everyone is effectively delivering sales messaging

Review payroll, cost of goods, inventory, and other controllable cost numbers monthly and work to keep them in target ranges. Proactively identify ways to lower costs or increase efficiency.

Daily Operations
Follow 4Ever Young procedures for patient check-in, check-out, rooming, follow-ups, and other aspects of daily operations.

Maintain 4Ever Young brand standards in your center at all times, including cleanliness, lighting, music, scent, etc.

Use PatientNow correctly and serve as a “local expert” for your center. Enter transactions and patient notes appropriately, understand how to maintain accurate and complete paperwork, follow all privacy and HIPAA guidelines, and use the reporting functionality to have an accurate sense of sales and business results at all times. Train new employees on PatientNow as needed.

Coordinate events as required, including ordering supplies, managing vendors, and overseeing budgets.

Order inventory and supplies as needed to ensure an adequate stock for center operations, including print materials, promotional items, office supplies, etc.

Problem-solve and proactively find solutions to issues that arise, always working to prioritize safety, compliance, patient experience, sales, and profitability.

Additional Duties
Perform other duties as requested

Areas of Responsibility

As described above. 

How to Apply

Email Jim Fisher with Resume: jfisher@4everyoungclayterrace.com